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Local Shopping Needs

Whilst there is a small but very busy Sainsbury’s store at Salendine Nook Local Centre, there are currently no medium or large sized foodstores in the north-western part of Huddersfield, which means that there is limited local choice and competition.


The nearest Lidl stores are located to the south of the town centre, at Castlegate and Wakefield Road. Residents are therefore being forced to travel to facilities outside of the local area to meet their food shopping needs. This is particularly difficult for those people who do not have ready access to private transport.


A planning application for a new Aldi store at the Oakes Mill site on New Hey Road was approved in December 2019. Although construction work commenced on this site earlier this year, there is sufficient expenditure available in the local area to support stores operated by both Lidl and Aldi, without impacting upon the viability of existing centres in the local area.


In relation to shopping, the proposals will:


  • Enhance consumer choice and competition for local residents

  • Reduce the need for residents to travel to foodstores outside of the local area to meet their needs (including by private car)

  • Reduce the amount of money being spent at stores outside the local area

Interior of a Lidl Shop
Lidl Swindon Example Interior
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