Site Context 

The site of the former Spotted Cow pub has stood vacant for a number of years, having a detrimental impact on the appearance of the local area. The pub closed in 2013 and the building unfortunately attracted vandalism and crime prior to being demolished in November 2018. Lidl has recently placed hoarding around the site in response to complaints of anti-social behaviour.


The site extends to 1 hectare and forms an L-shape, the front part of which (adjacent to New Hey Road) comprises an area of hardstanding associated with the former Spotted Cow pub.


The rear of the site comprises open land and is surrounded by banks of mature trees to the eastern and western sides.


The land rises by approximately 10m from New Hey Road to the north of the site. This steep topography represents a significant challenge to the redevelopment of the site for any use. However, it also provides an opportunity to screen any development from the residents to the north.